Digital DNA 2018 featured image

What is Digital DNA?

Digital DNA is one of Irelands most valued and well attended business and technology events. Digital DNA is hosted over two full days in St George’s Market with over 100 companies exhibiting and up to 150 inspirational speakers sharing their eclectic knowledge of all things new and exciting in the technology industry. Over the two days the exhibition and its speakers focus on eight key areas:

  • Technology
  • Marketing
  • Data
  • Security
  • DevOps
  • Start – Ups
  • Innovation
  • FinTech

We were fortunate enough to speak to many of the 3,000 plus delegates that flooded St George’s Market and had the unique opportunity to speak to delegates from a vast array of businesses across Ireland and beyond learning about their businesses and how we at Scaffold Digital could help them to reach their digital potential.

How did we prepare for Digital DNA?

Digital DNA 2018 was the first time we had exhibited as Scaffold Digital. This meant we had a lot to do. To name a few things we needed: Marketing collateral, an exhibition stand and the one thing everyone loves to grab at events – SWAG. Effectively, we were starting from scratch and we needed to first understand how we wanted our brand to be perceived by the delegates and how we would make ourselves slightly different to the other digital companies also exhibiting. We decided to add a monitor to our stand and create a really slick video of some of the work we have done over the last number of years. The video caught the eye of a lot of delegates passing our stand, it was a great way to quickly get people to engage with us, which achieved our main goal, a conversation was started. We also had a pull up banner highlighting our services and a pod that allowed us to cleverly display our marketing collateral. Overall, we feel our stand was really effective, it clearly highlighted who we are, what we do and ultimately it showed our new brand to its full potential. See below our finished exhibition area:

With the core stand we also added some really nice extras to show off our brand and give exhibitors something to take away with them. We wanted to make sure delegates remembered us, even when the hustle and bustle of Digital DNA was over. Some items we brought with us were, brochures, stickers, pens and t-shirts. See some in action below:

After our re-launch as Scaffold Digital in March 2018 we knew it was vitally important to use this opportunity to reposition ourselves in the industry where wanted to be. First and foremost, we are a software house. But, at the forefront of the business is relationships. Creating, developing and ensuring all relationships are longstanding is what we are passionate about. Digital DNA was the ideal place to shout about it and make sure everyone we met, whether new or existing, knew we are dedicated to the building of prosperous and fruitful partnerships.

Who are we? And What do we do? 

The question everyone asks when they approach your stand: “Who are you? And “What do you do?”. We felt this was our opportunity to really tell people what we do day to day and how we do it. Primarily, we are a software studio. We build all types of bespoke software, whether it be for the web, a mobile app or even machine based. This opened conversations with a lot of interesting people and businesses across the two days.

Personally, the main thing I took from Digital DNA this year was that when someone asked me “What do you do?” or “Who are you?” there was no hesitation. We know who we are, the services we provide, how we provide them and the best ways of implementing them into any business in any sector. A name change seems like a small thing, but it can have a massive effect on a company both internally and externally. Countless amounts of delegates came to our stand to at a minimum, tell us how strong they thought our brand looked. The Digital DNA team also told us the same and how much great feedback they had received.

We as a team felt really humbled by this. We are proud of who we are and what we offer, and it makes a difference to the solutions we provide to our clients, whether they be a start-up or a blue-chip company our solutions are designed and developed to make a difference to your bottom line.

Did you get a chance to speak to us at Digital DNA? If so, catch up with us now that we are back in the office.

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