How digital services have transformed working from home featured image

2020 has been a year like no other and we’re only halfway through it yet.

In six short months the global population have transitioned from ‘normality’ to lockdown and are now making learning the ropes as we all re-adjust and come to terms with a post COVID-19 normality.
Despite the lockdown though we have remained socially connected to our friends, families and the world with the abundance of digital services that provide 1-tap access. If a lockdown like the one experienced this year had happened just 15 years ago we would have all had a very different experience:

  • No iPhone / No Android
  • No WhatsApp
  • No public Facebook (it only existed as a university community)
  • No Facetime,  Zoom or most other video calling platforms – Skype was around though!
  • In 2005 e-commerce wasn’t widespread and sales reached $109 billion, 2020 figures forecast $4.2 trillion and many new SMEs are opening new e-commerce stores in response to the pandemic.

The pace of change

These few examples highlight just how quickly our lives can experience a dramatic change as a result of advancements in technology but also through the practical application of existing technology. The striking thought for me though is what will the ’normal’ experience in 2035 be like for our home-lives and work-lives. Before COVID-19 businesses were already investing into digital technology strategically whether to increase sales capacity, improve efficiencies by streamlining process or hoping to drive demand by improving the customer experience. Now, as a result of COVID-19 businesses are being forced to radically re-think how they do business and will opt where possible for:

  • Self-service online portals
  • The ability to purchase online
  • The ability to access support online
  • Mobile working software
  • Remote communication tools
  • Remote training platforms

This will put increased pressure on businesses who fear being ‘left-behind’ as the market gradually moves forward. Unfortunately the next year will likely see many businesses who haven’t reacted quickly enough go out of business and many have already succumbed to this.

How we can help

As a bespoke software provider, specialising in solutions for app & web, we’ve seen a rise in demand for services as more and more business look to make strategic changes to how they operate, not only in the form of e-commerce but through investment in technologies to bring staff together while they work from home. Giving medical personnel the ability to instantly communicate with pharmacies and community staff, Innovating in new technology to secure vehicles and buildings & streamlining processes through digital tools to help organisations provide a workplace that can work efficiently even with the measures currently in place.
Even industries hit hard as a result of a sharp stop in revenue like tourism are turning to technology and digital services to; help them stand out in the market place, deliver innovative new ways of exploring area and driving new revenue streams.

Our team are experienced in talking with businesses and organisations about their real-world issues and looking at how technology could be applied to alleviate those problems. We would plan and approach that addresses these issues and where the return on investment allows it, execute the delivery of the bespoke software solution.

We have helped a range of different clients since we started in 2008, you can view some of these case-studies by clicking here. If you would like to chat with expert in digital transformation and how to streamline processes & drive engagement for your business please get in touch by clicking here