June 2022 - A New Chapter featured image

June 2022 has been an exciting month for the Scaffold Team and in many ways a new chapter!
In a recent blog post our Managing Director, Tim Proctor, spoke of how the team would be adopting a ‘work from wherever’ approach, in return this is now attracting international talent. But that is not the only positive that has come out of the month.
So what has been so great about June?

Digital DNA 2022…

Firstly, it was fantastic to get back to in-person events. The team attended Digital DNA on Tuesday 14th & Wednesday 15th June 2022. This two day event brought investors, leading tech talent and the best of Northern Irish tech companies together. It was also great to see and learn about some of the tech startups who are breaking into the NI tech community.

We have Grown Our Team…

Recent demand and project scale has placed us in the fortunate position to grow our team. We welcomed Amy Martin, who has come on board as a Project Manager in the beginning of June and just a week later we welcomed Ayo Adeniji to the development team.
Let’s hear how our new team members are setting in…

Amy Martin – Project Manager
‘ I am delighted to have come on board as Project Manager at Scaffold. You don’t often feel at home on day 1 of a new job, yet this is how I felt. Since joining I have been brought up to speed on client projects, been fully integrated with the team and day to day management. It has also been great to spend some time with a handful of the team members at the Ormeau baths and get to know them more. All in all I couldn’t be happier and am delighted to be apart of the team‘.

Ayo Adeniji – Developer
‘My time at Scaffold to date has been brilliant. I was welcomed by the whole team on the same day I started, everyone is so helpful and kind which has helped me settle in quickly’.

And We Have Moved….

You may have seen on our social media channels that we closed the door on our Lisburn offices and have started a new membership at the Ormeau Baths in Belfast. The local members of the team have enjoyed our weekly meet ups so far, it is a cool and vibrant space and we look forward to getting the team together for a social next month.
As mentioned earlier, we we are adopting a ‘work from anywhere’ approach yet it is still great to have a space that we can get together, invite our clients too and in general just enjoy the social aspect of meeting up.

We have settled in really well and are enjoying this new way of working as a team. If you are keen to learn more about the thinking and decision making process behind this move, you can read our last blog ‘Scaffold 2.0 – Work from wherever’ which covers it nicely.

As a whole June has been an exciting month for the team. Not only of the various milestones we have spoken of above, but the team has been working hard on some pretty exciting projects.

Scaffold is continuing to grow and we are actively recruiting for Software Developers. If you think you would be a good fit and are wanting to start a new chapter of your own, please get in touch: careers@scaffold.digital