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A modern approach to digital service design is centred around reaching your users in the most convenient way and providing them with the most useful content and functionality in a way that is focused on what works best for them. Engaging with your users digitally can be actioned in many ways for example, through your website. However, you rely on users returning to your website time and time again to make use of any functionality you provide them with.

This is where mobile apps come into their own and can add real value for your user base. Apps are installed directly onto the user’s device, which will open up functionality to you that isn’t available through mediums like your website. For example, push notifications that can be sent directly to the user’s device, prompting them to take action, alerting them of new content or sending out bespoke offers. Overall, apps can provide a more seamless user experience, as additional background processing can happen when the app isn’t directly in use. Mobile apps will allow you to fully tailor how your customers engage with your business on a digital platform.


In 2016 Scaffold Digital were selected as 1 of 3 European trusted partners and the ONLY all Ireland trusted partner for Ionic app development. Being a trusted partner means, our code is reviewed to ensure quality, we have access to and can connect with other professionals in the industry to enhance the product and we make it easy for our clients to maintain their mobile apps. Cross platform mobile app development will help to reduce the cost of deploying apps to iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry, alongside reducing the maintenance cost of keeping separate code bases for each operating system up to date.

We have delivered mobile app solutions using many different frameworks including, React NativeXamarinFlutter, NativeScript and Ionic. Our team of developers will choose a solution that works best for your core objectives to give you and your business the best chance of success.

experince image
experince image


Mobile apps developed for phone and tablet can help business streamline processes and improve engagement. Businesses use mobile apps where there is a need to collect data in the field or track assets for LEAN manufacturing. They also develop apps that will help them to better connect and communicate with their customers and stakeholders, providing them with a robust platform that will increase two-way engagement and create a more bespoke user experience.

Do you have process you would like to streamline? Or would you like to improve engagement with your user base? Get in touch today to see how we can help you do that.

Hybrid mobile app development
Offline data processing and sync
Native app development on iOS / Android & Windows
Apache Cordova technologies
Swift / Java / Objective-C
Ionic framework
Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
Sensors – Accelerometer, Gyroscope, GPS…
React Native