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The key to the success with any digital project is the user experience. If the experience you provide for your user is poor it doesn’t matter how technically well something is built, it is likely to hamper the success of your digital product if not well executed. A well-designed interface is a core component of that success but the experience a user has will also be determined by the journey, information flow and functionality available as well as, the system performance and uptime. Each element must be carefully crafted to ensure you give users the best user experience each and every time they engage with your digital product whether that be a mobile app, website or bespoke software solution.

At Scaffold Digital we have a robust process that ensures every project gets consideration for each of these elements.


  • Research – During this stage our team will gain insight into the solution and identify core objectives.
  • User journeys – For each stakeholder that gains access to the system our team will outline the functionality that each user needs and the journey through which they will travel to access that service.
  • Wireframes – Before moving to full colour mockups we will create low-fidelity wireframes to communicate the core layout and elements that will be needed to achieve a full system.
  • Full colour designs – When we have decided on the core system through developing wireframes. Our team will move onto the full colour designs drafts. Designing the system in full, implementing all functional items.
  • Interactive prototype – When we present our ideas we will upload the colour designs onto our interactive prototyping tool that will allow the client to get a feel for the solution as they click through static mockups. It allows stakeholders to get a feel for user journeys, functionality and style.
  • Client feedback – At various stages of the design process we will take onboard client feedback with a view to signing off our design drafts before moving onto the development stage of the project.
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