What is a Digital Transformation project? featured image

At Scaffold Digital we have a team of passionate and highly skilled designers, developers and project managers who strive to make a difference to all of our clients with the digital solutions we provide. You could say our team is split into two halves:

  1. Commercial:For some of our team it is about business. It is ultimately about how can we affect your bottom line and make a difference to the day-to-day running of your business with one of our products, whether it be web, app or bespoke software. It is important to us that the product we deliver has measurable results.
  2. Product delivery: For the product delivery side of our team it is about developing a best in class solution based around the requirements of our clients. It is about designing and developing a product that will be transferred into a real-world scenario and tailored to innovate products, services or processes.

Ultimately, we have a common goal and that is to create solutions that really help businesses to grow and thrive in an ever-competitive market. In our experience businesses who embrace the change in the digital sphere are the ones who become market leaders and set the trend for their competitors moving forward.

Why is our team appealing to a potential client?

Our team is a hybrid of people who understand how businesses function and people who have a passion for web, app, software and all things digital. We help our clients make an informed decision as to whether commissioning a digital product will be financially viable and will give them the results they aspire to achieve. Over the past year our focus as a team has been on becoming a technology partner to our clients. Our main aim is to become an extension of your business and to work alongside internal teams to help deliver digital transformation across the business.

Our expertise and vast knowledge of the digital industry and can bring resource to a team that will provide the best end result. Working closely with businesses allows us to gain inside knowledge of how that business functions day-to-day, which in turn means we can develop a solution tailored to their needs, ensuring we have a product focused on achieving the goals set out at the start of the project.

What type of projects should you talk to us about?

Do you have a legacy system that you would like to extend? Or would you even have the appetite to replace it? At the moment, we have two big projects live were we are building on top of existing platforms, one being in ColdFusion and the other in Spring. None of which are frameworks we work with every day, but we are more than happy to delve into the codebase and give you the best solution to move forward with.

Do you have a process internally that you would like to automate? We suggest automating processes where you could save time and man hours, allowing a system to do all of the heavy lifting on your behalf. Allowing you to look at your business from a top-level, even at a glance, without having to spend hours reaching the end point. We have a number of different solutions live in this area, from mobile apps to bespoke software platforms that feed into manufacturing lines, allowing our customers to save time and money.

Or do you have a totally new idea that you want to take to market? Our team thrive on something new, it is something they can shape and mould into something they are proud to put our name on. Are you wondering how to get to a point where you have a product? Well, in short, don’t. We can help you create a specification and a list of objectives, this is usually enough for our design and development to go off and create the technical solution. At this point, we can offer you what we believe to be the best in class solution. We carry out workshops to help our clients get everything down on paper that they want to achieve, turning this into a road map to digital transformation.

Thinking about commissioning a digital product?

The digital world can be daunting at times, even for the people who work in it every day, whether it is app, web or bespoke software you can be sure it something we can have come across before… and if we haven’t, we would be really excited to chat to you about it. Call into our office or give us a call on 028 9252 8155.