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At Scaffold Digital, we have an experienced team that encompasses, UX/UI designers, developers and project management.

We are a young team, but we have a lot of experience working in the digital sector covering many different types of project and client. Our team specialise in projects like websites, mobile apps and management systems working as the clients only digital resource or alongside an in-house digital team of designers and developers.

We believe as a team we have one special attribute that makes us stand out from the rest. We don’t shy away from projects that are difficult or different to what we know best. We have a hunger to go out and look for something new, that will allow our team to constantly grow and thrive in new environments and frameworks. To help us secure projects of this nature we know how important it is to ensure potential clients can trust us to deliver on their aims and objectives and that they know we are ultimately accountable for the end result. Alongside our clients trusting us, we know we also need to show our experience, tell them the story of how we have worked with many businesses in a vast array of sectors to deliver their digital needs.

To reinforce our experience, as a project manager I feel the best thing we can do is refer to clients we have worked with previously and have successfully delivered for them a digital solution that has ultimately affected their bottom line by increasing capacity, improving productivity or reducing risk. These are all things that will resonate with anyone who understands how their business is currently functioning and they can be applied to any business in any sector. We believe that technology implemented well can and will help to solve many day-to-day problems that businesses face.

So, true to my word. Here is an example, of why you should work with Scaffold Digital:

Derry Bros Shipping are one of Northern Ireland’s leading bookings agents for the shipping industry, specialising in freight bookings. Derry Bros Shipping first approached Scaffold Digital in late 2017 with an invitation to tender for the design and development of a new mobile app. After an initial meeting with the team at Derry Bros we realised there was further value we could add by carrying out additional development work on a platform they had developed internally as well as developing API integrations with leading shipping operators like Stenaline, P&O and Irish Ferries alongside their initial requirement for a mobile app.

Working with the internal development team at Derry Bros we created a list of top-level the results they wanted to achieve through digital transformation:

  1. Improve booking capacity.
  2. Improve customer experience.
  3. Bring their service offering in-line with their competitors.
  4. Speed up their overall booking process.
  5. Expand the capabilities of their pre-existing platform.
  6. Create and launch an app for iOS and Android.

One thing I want to highlight from the Derry Bros project is, as mentioned above we had to carryout development work on a pre-existing platform. It was completely bespoke and in constant development by the technical team in Derry Bros and was written in SpringMVC. SpringMVC wasn’t something we were familiar with at all, however our technical team assured Derry Bros that we would have the Java skills required collectively to complete this project as required. It was down to our development team to get under the hood of this system and expand it as required to achieve the goals outlined by Derry Bros.

Today, Derry Bros have a mobile app for Android and iOS that allows their customers to view route information, make bookings and manage their bookings. Their SpringMVC platform has been extended to receive any bookings made through the mobile app, as well as the required API integrations with shipping operators allowing booking process to become fully automated.

As a result of the development we have carried out and implemented Derry Bros have achieved their goals. For example, they have seen a 20% increase in their booking capacity over the course of 2018 across each calendar month. The user-experience has improved massively, and Derry Bros have now future-proofed their business against the offering of their competitors.

“Scaffold Digital have met and surpassed our expectations and are continuing to build deeper relationships through quality communication and delivery on a daily basis.” – David Ferguson, Derry Bros Shipping

For Scaffold Digital it’s about tangible results. The solutions we provide need to be results driven with their performance being monitored closely on and on-going basis. It is important to us that our clients succeed in a digital world with the help of the tools we give them. Your success is our success and as a team we are dedicated to delivering this for everyone we work with!

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