CSC Fuels

CSC Fuels first approached Scaffold Digital in late 2018 via one of our partner agencies to design and develop a new mobile app for iOS and Android that was populated with data from their newly developed website.

CSC Fuels had a pre-existing app solution that was several years old, it didn’t have the most up to date data and was difficult to manage from a content perspective. CSC Fuels primarily wanted a mobile app that would allow them to give their service users easy access to petrol station information across Ireland and the UK. On their new website they had listed all CSC Fuel petrol stations across the UK and Ireland and wanted the app house the same level of information.


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CSC Fuels wanted to design and develop an app that would allow them to better communicate CSC Fuels petrol station locations to their growing customer base. The app needed to be developed for iOS and Android with a link into their website to populate the bulk of the content in the app, making information as accessible as possible for their user base. CSC Fuels wanted to ensure their administration staff did not have to add content in multiple locations (website and app) therefore the link to the website that would regularly update content with no input from CSC Fuels was vital to the success of this project.

As well as displaying locations, we were also required to develop a route planner that would allow users to see all CSC Fuel locations along their journey with the ability to quickly contact CSC Fuels quickly and easily if required.

The app is split into three core sections, Sites Nearby, Route Planner and Contact Us. Users are not required to login to view this content as all project stakeholders felt in wasn’t necessary, it was important to get petrol station information to the user with minimal interactions as they are likely to be using this app ‘on the go’. The app needed to display sites close to the user’s current location, whilst also giving them the ability to search and pinch/zoom functionally on a map of the UK and Ireland. The Route Planner section of the app was required to allow users to search and select location A and location B, which would then be displayed on a map with all relevant petrol station information plotted on that map. Finally, the Contact Us section was required to allow users to contact CSC Fuels by phone directly from the app.


CSC Fuels have a newly developed app for iOS and Android launched and ready for download in the relevant stores. The app has successful links to their website which means that CSC Fuels administration staff no longer need to enter the same data in multiple locations. The app allows users to explore locations nearby, search the relevant location or plot their journey on a map and explore the relevant locations.

Overall, CSC Fuels have provided their customers with an all-encompassing solution that gives them quick and easy access to fuel station locations that will allow them to avail of the service provided by CSC Fuels.

The team at Scaffold Digital were quick to grasp what we had in mind and even suggested features to enhance the app which we hadn’t thought of. I was delighted with the end result and the professionalism of the work and support was outstanding.

- Craig Anderson, Managing Director