Kareer Hub

KareerHub first approached Scaffold Digital with a new business idea to collate, in real time online careers information and guidance for Schools, Educational Institutions, Careers Advisors, Students and their families. We were commissioned to design, build and strategise how best to crawl, archive and make searchable over 100,000 website pages on a regular basis and display them to the end user.



KareerHub wanted to design and develop a central portal that allowed their users to register for an account and search courses and apprenticeships across the whole of the UK. To firstly get all of the content into portal we had to build bespoke crawlers for a number of organisations across the UK to pull data from their website into ours and relate all of this data back to searches. KareerHub also seen an opportunity to sell this platform into schools and colleges. To fully facilitate this, we needed to build a bespoke subscription module. The subscription module allowed for single users to register and pay for their account as well as bulk subscriptions for schools and colleges.


KareerHub now have a fully functional platform that allows their users to sign up, purchase/manage subscriptions and search information from educational institutions across the UK. This has now been combined with labour market information, SOC code categorisation and apprenticeship information. The system automatically crawls the relevant data weekly and provides users with over 2.7 million pieces of information.

This project made use of a variety of innovative methods to link labour market information (LMI) with course and apprenticeship data through SOC code comparative analysis all driven from a modern, cloud based architecture that was able to quickly process and search through a large data set to return results quickly.

We’re extremely pleased with the way Scaffold responded and essentially put themselves in our shoes, assisting with not only the development of the product but also key licensing and support areas where we didn’t have expertise right across the team.

- George Hewitt, KareerHub