In 2017 Scaffold Digital secured a public procurement contract for the development of an iOS and Android app for Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council in partnership with a Belfast based design agency. Together, we were required to design and develop an app, primarily for iPad, but compatible with mobile, that would become an interactive museum tour for visitors of Mossley Mill. There was also a requirement for a web-based content management system that would allow administrators of Mossley Mill to update content in real-time as and when required.  The app needed to have full offline capability, meaning that users would not be required to have an active internet connection to use the app and all its functionality.


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Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council wanted to develop a mobile app that would allow young people to interact with their exhibits in a fun and educational way. The app was designed to provide museum goers with a blueprint of the museum, highlighting all exhibits, alongside the ability to find out more information, take quizzes and win badges if they complete tasks within the app.  It was vital that the app engaged young people throughout the tour and incentivised them by awarding them with badges for completing activities and testing their knowledge during the tour. It was also important to the council that they had the ability to manage content within the app themselves. Therefore, they wanted an easy to use, web-based content management system that would allow them to add to activities, badges and museum information regularly.


The council now have a fully developed app for iOS and Android that is compatible for phone and tablet. They also have a web-based content management system that will allow them to add, edit and delete all content within the app. The app is now used by young people visiting Mossley Mill to help them interact with exhibitions, and be rewarded when they complete activities.