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Legacy systems are critical in some way to most business and Shelbourne Motors was no different. With a legacy system in-place that was starting to creak they reached out to us to investigate the code-base and present options to help them achieve their objectives long-term as part of a digital transformation project.


The Challenge

The legacy system either needed to be replaced or extended. After carrying out an audit we informed the client of the benefits of new approaches to web-based management systems and the longevity of the proposed solution we were commissioned to overhaul the used-car sales tracker and admin platform. Using modern web technologies brings a lot of benefits to the table for bespoke software solutions and it was a perfect opportunity for Shelbourne Motors to take advantage of these.

The Objectives

  • Secure portal
  • Mobile responsive
  • Track sales & run reports
  • Staff / HR / Holiday management
  • Warranty management

The Solution

We carried out a full audit of the existing code-base, documenting all of the functionality and proposing how this would be catered for in the new system alongside brand-new features.

We used Laravel as a basis for this custom software project, adding some of our in-house modules for audit trail and user management alongside the bespoke elements of this project.

The client now has a scalable, sustainable bespoke software solution that will ensure Shelbourne Motors remains at the top of their game for years to come with the ability to further innovate and ideas in the pipeline this investment will help Shelbourne Motors grow in the years to come.

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