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The Cithrah Foundation approached us in 2017 after securing funding from Comic Relief to produce an app to help victims of domestic abuse track and record incidents in a private and secure environment. They required an app that was cross platform and store data in an encrypted cloud management system with two factor authentication protection.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge of this project was that our development team were required to disguise ‘The Keep’ app on the users mobile device. Ultimately, the app needed to be seen anything other than a place users can store information about incidents of domestic violence this was vital to protect victims from their perpetrator. Therefore, if you download ‘The Keep’ you will see it is disguised as a ‘To do’ app and is fully functional in the eyes of the end user.┬áTo deliver this project successfully our team needed to ensure a clean and simple UX design was implemented to make the app as easy to use as possible.

The Objectives

  • Create an app available for iOS & Android
  • Provide a layer of interaction to mask the true nature of the app
  • Encrypt all data collected
  • Protect the integrity of data
  • Allow data to be retrieved by the victim
  • Ensure no data remains on the handset after an incident is logged
  • Ability to enter information by text, speech, photo and date / time.

The Solution

Our team got to work creating a user flow and wireframes covering the full app before creating a functional colour prototype for the client. We used Ionic as the framework to develop the app, allowing us to deliver a cross platform product. The web platform is delivered using a bespoke Laravel solution geared directly to the needs of The Cithrah Foundation.

As a result we successfully met all of the objectives and delivered an iOS and Android app for smartphone.


“Scaffold have fully partnered with us in the challenge of this project: they grasped the concept from the outset and have walked the road with us with competence, professionalism and kindness. They have listened carefully to us, been very efficient and personable, and we are extremely grateful for their partnership with us in bringing The Keep from an idea to an exciting reality.”
Liz Gibbons - The Cithrah Foundation
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