The Cithrah Foundation approached Scaffold Digital in 2017 after securing funding from Comic Relief to design and develop an app and online web portal to help victims of domestic abuse track and record incidents in a private and secure environment. The project included a mobile app and a cloud management system that included two factor authentication. The Cithrah Foundation wanted to create a mobile app to help victims of domestic violence record incidents in such a way that should they ever need it, they would have a comprehensive and useful account of what happened, recorded and stored in a secure location.


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The Cithrah Foundation needed a mobile app for iOS and Android that could be disguised on a victim’s phone to protect the true functionality. It was ultimately decided that the app would be hidden below a ‘To do’ list style mobile app, were upon registration users would pick a secret to do item that would give them access to record an incident of domestic violence. Users would then have the ability to upload their content to a cloud management system that they will only be able to access through two factor authentication (their login details for the app and a one-time passcode from the app). As soon as a user enters data into their phone it will never be available for viewing on the handset and all data will be encrypted.


The Cithrah Foundation now have an app for iOS and Android with a cloud-based management system. The app was designed to ask users a series of questions that would allow them to record incidents of domestic violence in such a way that if they ever needed to use them in the future, they would have a detailed and useful account of events. The app also allows users to add photos, video, audio recordings and the date/time of everything submitted. As soon as users answer a question and submit it is synced straight to the cloud management system and encrypted for them to access at any time.

Registered users can then login to the online portal at any time to review their submissions from the app. In order for users to access the content in the online portal they would also need access to the mobile app, which presented them with a one-time passcode, which is only active for 30 seconds and is renewed every 30 seconds. This allowed us to ensure maximum security of the sensitive data and help keep victims safe from their perpetrators.

Scaffold have fully partnered with us in the challenge of this project: they grasped the concept from the outset and have walked the road with us with competence, professionalism and kindness. They have listened carefully to us, been very efficient and personable, and we are extremely grateful for their partnership with us in bringing The Keep from an idea to an exciting reality.

- Liz Gibbons, The Cithrah Foundation