ToxNET is a global educational initiative aiming to improve the quality of care for people with spasticity. ToxNET’s aim is to provide clinicians with the practical tools and resources they need if they would like to or currently do use BoNT-A in their management of patients with spasticity. Therefore, they approached Scaffold Digital to design and develop a bespoke online portal that would allow professionals from all over the world to access resources, contribute to materials and interact with their peers.



When ToxNET first engaged with Scaffold Digital they were a relatively new brand, with no online presence. They did however have a massive community of professionals across the world who needed access to their resources that would ultimately allow them to become more knowledgeable about using BoNT-A as part of their treatment of patients with spasticity. However, it was of the upmost importance to them that all of the information held in the online portal was secure and behind a login that users could not self-register to gain access. The portal needed to be fully manageable by website administrators, with an easy to use interface and include the flexibility required to make the portal useful. As ToxNET already had a growing community they wanted to use the new website as a tool for peers to comment on their documentation, their findings/research and to generally discuss related topics in a message board style area. It was also very important to them that the website would allow peer to peer communication and would serve as a hub for like-minded professionals to discuss spasticity and related treatments.


The team at ToxNET now have a secure portal that allows them to create working groups of peers that gives  them the ability to upload media such as Word Documents, PowerPoints and Video content for review and feedback to help others in the progression of their use of BoNT-A as a treatment option. There is also a message board that allows users to create topics to openly discuss in a forum style environment that users can comment, like and review on. The new portal has allowed members of the community to become more engaged in the resources provided by ToxNET, allowing them to contribute to materials that are being released in relation to spasticity treatment across the globe. The bespoke portal has been designed to give the team at ToxNET full flexibility over the administration of portal access and the information being displayed to their users. Overall engagement in the ToxNET brand has increased considerably since the release of the new resource’s portal.