WestRock first approached Scaffold Digital in late 2018 to design and develop a new mobile app that would allow them to better manage design requests from their customers. WestRock, a global company work alongside their customers to design and create engaging packaging solutions that allow products to be effectively connected with consumers. WestRock currently work with pharmaceutical companies, banks and alcohol brands to name a few, design and create the perfect packaging. The design team at WestRock wanted to streamline the process of a customer making a new design request for a packaging solution.



WestRock wanted to design and develop a bespoke mobile app and management system that would allow them to process design requests quickly and efficiently. They did not have a process in place to handle new requests from customers which ultimately meant they were taking much more time to complete the request than they would have liked. As there was no official process in place, they got many different types request from a wide variety of clients. Design requests were often unsubstantiated in the first instance and it took a lot of time for the design team to put together the specification they needed to effectively design the best solution. Therefore, WestRock wanted to develop an app that allowed them to display a catalogue of pre-created designs, a process for requesting bespoke designs and the ability for customers to manage their requests through the app. One requirement that was relatively new to us a technological solution was that WestRock wanted their customers to be able to take a photo of the item they want to package and annotate it with text, measurements and add free hand drawing to the image and submit it with their request in the app. Finally, WestRock needed a content management system that was simple and easy to use that would allow them to manage the content in the app.


WestRock now have an app for iOS and Android that is compatible with smartphone and tablet with a bespoke Laravel content management system. Customers of WestRock can now view a pre-loaded catalogue of their core products, order bespoke products whilst providing the correct information in the first instance by going through a tried and tested process. Ultimately, customers have a portal in which they can use to track the design requests and effectively engage with the design team at WestRock. We have also successfully developed a feature in the app that allows customers to access the camera on their smartphone or tablet, take a picture of their item and annotate it as required. The app allows users to rotate, add text, draw and measure items on the picture. This feature has significantly reduced the amount of time designers spend with customers trying to collate all of the relevant information they need to create their bespoke design. The app is currently being used by companies like Almac to make design requests to WestRock and it has significantly reduced the time from request to production allowing the design team to be much more efficient.