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The Quality Oat Group was established in 2012 with the objective to improve both growers return, and White’s Oats mill performance by working together to identify quality indicators for oat crops and improve crop agronomy and on-farm treatment to better meet those quality criteria. White’s Oats and the members of the Quality Oat group wanted to design and develop a Progressive Web App that would allow farmers to ultimately streamline the data collection process and improve engagement between farmers and White’s Oats.


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Over the last number of years both White’s Oats and the Quality Oat Group have realised how digital platforms can revolutionise how we work on a daily basis. They identified the need for an all-encompassing system that would allow growers and staff at White’s Oats to collaborate in a more effective way. Growers wanted the ability to quickly and easily share crop information with White’s Oats, as well collaborating on different topics throughout the year with fellow members and accessing supporting information from White’s on creating the best quality crops. White’s Oats themselves needed the ability to access crop information by farmer as well as being able to communicate with the whole group and provide farmers with the supporting information they need to grow crops to the expected standard. White’s Oats also had a requirement for offline functionality. They wanted farmers to be able to add crop information without being online to cover areas with no signal coverage. To achieve all of this functionality in the most effective way White’s Oats wanted to develop a Progressive Web App. This included the app for farmers/growers and also administrators at White’s Oats.


White’s Oats and the Quality Oat Group now have a fully mobile responsive Progressive Web App with offline functionality. Growers can input their crop information and submit it to White’s Oats for analysis. All crop information can be input and saved in an offline capacity with data automatically syncing when an active internet connect has been established. There is full chat room style functionality that allows growers and White’s Oats to discuss topics of their choice and share information were required. Alongside that there is a full agronomy support section that houses videos and documents to help growers quickly and easily access any information they need. White’s Oats can also share private documentation with single growers for secure storage. White’s Oats and the Quality Oat Group feel they have an all-encompassing system that will allow their network to grow whilst maintaining the level of involvement and engagement required to make the network a success.