Biosearch is a state-of-the-art testing laboratory based in Belfast who work alongside organisations to provide comprehensive and reliable sampling services for the water, food, agriculture and environmental industries. When Biosearch first approached Scaffold, they had over 100 samplers in the field, manually collecting and recording information against each sample on paper. It was decided Scaffold would develop a collector app for iOS and Android that allows Samplers to carry out their jobs using a mobile device. Alongside the app we developed a Laravel based web platform that allows Biosearch to manage samples and jobs submitted via the app. Biosearch and their partner organisations can create jobs and push them out to the relevant collector in advance via the web portal. As part of this project, we were also required to write app data back to an existing LIMS platform, used in the lab for storing sample information and results.


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Biosearch wanted us to take this current paper-based process, digitise it, and make it more efficient. That is where we as a team in Scaffold thrive, taking outdated processes, fully understanding the client’s needs, and making the necessary changes that ultimately achieve the end goal of a digital solution that provides tangible results. Biosearch work in a time sensitive, high-pressure environment, testing samples for some of the biggest organisations in Ireland, like hospitals and government bodies to keep them compliant on a day-to-day basis.

Biosearch needed to have visibility over what samples they would be receiving at the end of every day to assist the lab in being fully prepared in advance to process samples much more efficiently. A critical objective of this project was to allow Biosearch to identify defects with samples prior to them arriving at the lab which the new management system would allow them to do. Another key component of this project was that the app and management system needed to integrate with their existing LIMS platform so we could effectively and securely pass back sample information collected in field.


Biosearch now have an app on iOS, Android for quick and efficient sample collections, a web portal that gives them visibility over samples collected ahead of time with a robust mechanism for writing data back to the LIMS platform which provides Biosearch with an all-encompassing software solution. The app and web portal have become a critical part of Biosearch as a business, they rely on it to get the information they need to carry out their primary services for their customers in and efficient and timely manner. In less than 6 months Biosearch have rolled the app out to 50+ organisations across Ireland with upwards of 100 samplers using it every day to complete jobs so that organisations like this can operate safely. From these 100 samplers the app has processed 47,446 samples and 58,369 tests with a total of 10,419 jobs completed successfully to date with the number growing every day.

The Biosearch app and accompanying web portal has changed the industry in Ireland. We would love to take it global.

- Jeremy Trimble , Business Manager