EU SWIM first approached Scaffold Digital in early 2019 with an invitation to tender for the design and development of their new mobile app and management system. The EU SWIM project is a cross-border research programme dedicated to developing a system for live bathing water quality monitoring at multiple beaches across NI and ROI. The EU SWIM project team had developed an API that allowed us to access data that included predictions of water quality, temperature and the tidal forecast of these beaches. We were tasked with displaying this information in the format of an app, alongside events information, full beach profiles and partner information.


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The EU SWIM project wanted to develop an app that will bring live water quality updates to beach goers across NI and ROI. They wanted live water quality information to be pulled directly from the API that had been developed by University College Dublin for presentation in the app. Alongside this information, the EU SWIM project team also wanted to highlight events at the beaches, as well as information about all partners involved in the project. The team also wanted a content management system that would allow them to quickly and easily add, edit and delete all content in the app, outside of the live water quality updates.


The EU SWIM team have an app for iOS and Android, a bespoke Laravel content management system and a link to the active API pulling live water quality updates. We turned this app and management system around over the course of 12 weeks, allowing the EU SWIM team to launch the app at the start of the 2019 bathing season, giving them maximum opportunity to market this app over the summer months on beaches across NI and ROI.

We were very pleased with the app delivered by Scaffold Digital in ease of use and the fact it is a niche area the download figures have been good. They have a great workflow and made it easy to track project progress when required. Overall, they made working with them easy, great contact, easy explanations and great output.

- Jade Berman, Local environmental quality manager, EU SWIM